October 22


Needle in Haystack

Knowing where to look to gather critical insights into your business has always been important, and is getting increasingly more difficult.

Part of the challenge for many businesses is separating the signal from the noise and knowing which insights are truly your needle movers. Additionally, the seemingly never-ending array of applications, services, and platforms available for use today are powerful and necessary. However, it has created a fragmented data landscape that is difficult to aggregate and combine for top-down analysis.

How many platforms do you need to review to track performance?

According to Bounteous Insights, there are at least 5 significant social media data platforms that most CPG brands leverage. Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, and YouTube… And most brands are involved with several of these. Aggregating and transforming data from these platforms into meaningful insights on a rapid and consistent basis is a challenge marketers struggle with daily.

For years, marketers did their best to manually splice these data sources together with tools like Microsoft Excel. While this can work for ad-hoc reporting, it tends to break down over time as the data and data sources continue to grow.

Today, sophisticated marketers are implementing omnichannel marketing dashboards can consume loosely-coupled data from multiple sources and aggregate it automatically so that all channels are compared side by side against a variety of metrics.

Additionally, a single view of customer performance affords marketers the opportunity to modify and optimize campaign elements that contribute to success and scaling growth. This synthesized data can then be pushed into a data warehouse for longer-term trend analysis and comparisons over time.

Data analytics is growing in importance and complexity every day. Why tackle it alone? How about an assist from someone who has been there and done it?

Need some help organizing and optimizing your data haystack? DM me. I’m happy to help accelerate your learning curve!

Rose Hamilton

About the author

With over 20 years in Omni-channel retail, Rose is a proven Ecommerce expert specializing in evaluating, launching, growing and scaling Direct to Consumer businesses.

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