September 20


The New Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Model = Direct-through-Conversation

DTC has been defined as Direct-to-Consumer for the past decade. This is a function of “what” happens when brands reach their customers directly without a party in the middle (I.e. retailer).

The new DTC model is all about collaborating through conversations directly with consumers.


The new breed of successful DTC brands are attracting and retain customers though the value they bring when connecting on pain points and offering relevant solutions.

This requires a culture that placing the customer at the center of all disciplines:

Customer Intelligence – Developing deep and close relationships with most valuable target customers is critical to understanding their constant evolving needs. The world is changing rapidly and reading the signs of change is key to fueling an infinite growth engine.

Customer Experience – Developing a proactive and reactive response throughout the customer journey is key to building trust that allows permission to continue solving new pain points.

Customer Engagement – Surprising and delighting a customer requires attracting attention of an existing or prospective customer at the time they are seeking to solve a problem and articulating it in a way that captures their heart and mind. Consumers are busy and you’ve got to break through that mindshare to open the door for engagement.

Bottom line: Get in the conversation with your target customer at each stage of the customer journey. When you are engaging directly with your key customer there are infinite possibilities for building a profitable growth engine!

2022 is right around the corner. DM us if you would like to explore possibilities of accelerating growth for your DTC business in the year ahead.

Rose Hamilton

About the author

With over 20 years in Omni-channel retail, Rose is a proven Ecommerce expert specializing in evaluating, launching, growing and scaling Direct to Consumer businesses.

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