July 27


Worth Waiting For

So last Friday, as I was buttoning up several outstanding tasks from the week and looking ahead at a relatively out-of-control “to-do” list…a small sense of panic set in. Perhaps panic is the wrong word, but at the very least, concern.


“How am I going to get this all done by the end of the day?” I asked myself.


The answer was clear…” You are not,” I told myself.


I finally took my own advice. I regrouped, prioritized, and created a path to productivity.


While I am a whiz at looking at my clients’ businesses from a 30,000-foot view to identify strengths, opportunities, and priorities, I must remind myself to do the same for myself.


We must never sacrifice quality in our effort to get things done quickly, and with new and increased unique demands from our customers and future customers, the notion of templates and “cookie-cutter” solutions are things of the past.


So here is my advice…if you feel overwhelmed, take a step back and focus on aligning your priorities today in service of the long term. Taking a pause to reflect and reset is well worth it!


Just like they say in airplanes, “if you think the plane is going down, make sure your mask is in place before trying to help others.”


Let me know if I can help you prioritize your priorities to achieve your long-term growth goals. It’s the perfect time to evaluate your current plans and make any course corrections for today and tomorrow.


Rose Hamilton

About the author

With over 20 years in Omni-channel retail, Rose is a proven Ecommerce expert specializing in evaluating, launching, growing and scaling Direct to Consumer businesses.

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